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The objective of Operation Military Stress Relief Doll is to show support for our young men and women in the military and to let them know they are appreciated and not forgotten. We do this by making and distributing our ‘Dang-It Doll” to them. Each doll has a poem and note of thanks that reads:

“When your day is stressful
and you want to scream and shout,
Here’s a little Dang-it Doll
That you can’t live without.
Grasp it firmly by it’s legs
And find a place to bang it!
As you whack it’s stuffing out,

Thank you for serving our Country so Honorably
From Your Friends in South Carolina
Operation Military Stress Relief Dolls, Inc.
E-mail us at: OMSRD@YAHOO.COM
(Copyright © 2008 by OMSRD, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

This is a simple rag doll made from scraps of material, polyfill stuffing and yarn. We use plastic google eyes, polyester pompoms and fabric paint to decorate the faces. We attach the above note to each doll. The note has our e mail address. This is how they and other soldiers and units contact us to let us know they would like to have some dolls.

In the last six and a half years, we have shipped over 66,000 dolls to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Italy, Holland, Germany, Japan and bases in the U.S. and overseas. These dolls are not sold. They are free to anyone in the military. We do not allow anyone to buy or sell these dolls. This is our tribute to the American Soldier for all they have done for our Country.

We have periodic workshops where people from over the state come together to work on the dolls. We all take dolls home with us to work on there. When the dolls are completed, each one receives a hug, and then they are boxed up and shipped out to our Soldiers. From the E-mails we receive, the soldiers love them and appreciate the gesture of Love, Home and Friendship that each doll represents.

The approximate cost of each doll is $5.95. This includes the cost of shipping on a per doll basis, based on a shipment of 50 dolls. We prefer not to ship single dolls as the cost is prohibitive, approximately $5.95. But we are happy to ship as many or as few dolls as needed.

Our Motto is “Working Together to Support and Thank Our Soldiers” And that is what we intend to do for as long as it is needed.

04/05/11 Carol Davis

Thank you for your support!

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"Working Together to Support and Thank our Military!"

Operation Military Stress Relief Dolls, Inc.
PO Box 3356
West Columbia, SC 29171
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